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Rocking Horse Paint N Performance Stud


Thank you Lisa. Loved revisiting running the cans after over twenty years away from the sport. Loved the drills, training techniques and the one on one attention to detail with your students. Your calm approach, philosophy and training techniques are evident in the the wonderful soft and controlled way your horses run the pattern even at top speed. You and your horses are a delight to watch and a perfect example of what our local girls should be aspiring too. I enjoyed the weekend immensely and absolutely loved meeting your parents. Such delightful people. You have a hell of a good support team there.

Vicki Darby

Clinic Attendee

After purchasing my new mare from Lisa from ( Rocking Horse Paint N Performance ) . I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a horse. After buying sight un-seen , Lisa was very good & understanding with the whole process. I was very impressed when my mare arrived, she was everything I expected , and more . Thank you Lisa for a beautiful mare .. Cindy

Cindy Patching


For the first time in my life I actually purchased a horse without personally inspecting the horse or going for a test ride. I was confident to do this because of the professional way in which Lisa Sutton from the Rocking Horse Paint N Performance Stud presented the horse for sale via the website and with follow-up emails. Plenty of information and all questions answered. When the mare arrived I was immediately impressed by the way the mare handled and with her presentation. My expectations have been more than met and based on my experience I can highly recommend Lisa and the Rocking Horse Paint N Performance Stud.

Marilyn Elliot