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Rocking Horse Paint N Performance Stud



Hope you have enjoyed your visit - please come by again :)


3:29 PM on August 8, 2017


6:14 PM on May 8, 2017


11:44 AM on April 13, 2017

Wow! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It's on a completely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Excellent choice of colors! dfaadgbkfkdckdad


7:18 AM on March 3, 2015

I wondered what had happened to the foal out of Beni and by Captain. Beni was one of our mustering horses on our property, a cute little TB mare but she had a lot of cancers and when I AI-ed her to our imported stud, Starlights Cow Smart, I could feel more cancers inside of her. As we only had Cutters and also Western Performance horses, I sold her to a lady in foal as she was wanting to get one or two foals out of her before she succumbed to the cancers. She was always a cute little mare. I would never have imagined that she or Captain would have produced a barrel racer. That is awesome.

David McNamara

9:51 AM on December 13, 2014

Hey Lisa, how's things?

Did you already breed Anuther Belle to SLR Mojos Workin? If so what did she have and how old is it now? I hope you're well.

Kind Regards


Superior Sprint Quarter Horses

0488 181 499


9:54 AM on September 8, 2012

Love your website and yours horses are gorgeous! Keep up the great work!


4:53 AM on August 12, 2012

Thankyou Robyn - great to hear from you :) see your boy is doing great with LSC congrats on all his wins. Hope all is well, chat soon. Hi Joanne, thankyou - yes he is lovely. Its ridiculous - the PHAA have gone with the "imp" in mind as far as the bloodline requirements go, needs a good shake up a vote from Members - no such thing as an association for its members anymore, they have remained ignorant to the fact I can prove he's all QHxTB, their loss. He will definately be ASH regisitered, as soon as we get an inspector out to look at several. Color has a couple of foals due this year, one from a pally mare and one from one of my tobiano mares - so check back, never know what he might throw :)

Joanne Ellis

3:47 AM on August 6, 2012

Hi i just love your bay roan tobiano colt, just a shame you can't register him a paint. I also like the solid colt but can't use him either as my mare is a paint bred with all tobiano breeding so no chance of a coloured foal, the best i could do is pray for a filly to use as breeding stock.The paint horse association is getting a lot harder to get horses in to the point of being ridiculous as with your tobiano colt. I have a mixture of paint horses cutting/sprintbred mare who would have gone so well with your colt, and i love the colour. Hope you can get him ASH registered, that will give some people something to think about as the ASH is a huge association with a bit of common sense it seems.

Robyn Twaddle

5:29 PM on January 31, 2012

Hi Lisa,

Your website is wonderful and the horses all looking good!! Yes, been a long time since we last contacted, glad all is well with you! We are fine, almost 12 months since Yasi changed our lives but we are getting there. Thank you for your kind words, always lovely to hear from you too :)Take care okay? Talk again soon,

Kindest regards,



4:27 AM on January 31, 2012

Thanks for the Guest book signature :-). Love your website! Peppy looks Awesome and i love looking at the tobianos going around the barrels.


8:00 PM on January 30, 2012

Hi all, the Guestbook has been disabled since April 2010 - due to the amount of indecent scammer posts being posted. As 2012 is a new beginning - i have re-enabled. Hope you have enjoyed your visit :)


5:47 AM on April 7, 2010

Hi RHPPS, what an amazing job youve done with your website.. You have some absolutely beautiful horses, congratulations on all your successes this year too :) Im looking to start Barrel Racing sometime soon, so might contact you about some help choosing a horse if thats ok? Best of luck for the rest of 2010. Hopefully chat soon, Cat :)


7:32 AM on March 24, 2010

helllo all


2:40 PM on February 22, 2010

Sorry to the person with the UGG Boots username, I accidently deleted your post, please feel free to leave another message :)

Bob Hicks(rafter 4 ranch)

1:54 AM on February 18, 2010

some great looking colts, i have a sunny dee bars x san pep mare and she is a cow hound lol never use nothing but a dee ring snaffle no curb on her.

Bob Hicks

1:42 AM on February 18, 2010

nice horses


6:19 PM on February 2, 2010

Firstly... I would like to clear up that I dont own a stallion. So if you are referring to the paint Gelding "Quirran-Lea Shake N Peppy, I would like to say that perhaps you should: 1) Get your facts straight before leaving a message and 2) At least have the decency to leave your name. Further to having such a "harsh" bit , if you were as knowledgeable as you think you are with regards to bits and bridles, you would have known that its a Hackamore BITLESS Bridle. Which means there is nothing in his mouth at all!!! Thankyou, but your opinion is not neccessary or required!

hello says...

Hi Just wondering if you ride your stallion in such a harsh bit due to him having a bad mouth or just for the fact that you like the look of the bit? In the photos it looks very severe and like he would not enjoy it one bit! I don't think it would be necessary to be riding him in a bit that would suit western pleasure. It really is not designed for the purpose you are using it for. All I can say is OUCH and what a forgiving horse.


4:57 PM on February 2, 2010

Hi Just wondering if you ride your stallion in such a harsh bit due to him having a bad mouth or just for the fact that you like the look of the bit? In the photos it looks very severe and like he would not enjoy it one bit! I don't think it would be necessary to be riding him in a bit that would suit western pleasure. It really is not designed for the purpose you are using it for. All I can say is OUCH and what a forgiving horse.

Miss Kristel

11:57 PM on January 23, 2010

Hey Great website :-) You have some really lovely horses! Keep up the good work :-) Cheers :-) Kristel

[email protected]

5:51 PM on January 18, 2010

Sorry I posted your site, obviously! haha Oops! Ours is

Brittney Tharp

3:05 PM on January 18, 2010

Nice site! Check ours out!

Rooster Shamblin

2:46 PM on January 17, 2010 please read my blog

Moons Arisin QH Stud

4:38 PM on January 7, 2010

Hi RHPPS MAQHS Thanks You for your lovely comments.It has been a very long road to get to were we have, a lot of hard work and sleepless nights and manys miles have been travelled (as you yourself would know it takes).We may not have achieved as much as many other older studs have but we are taking one day at a time to develop our horses with not only good slow education but time to obsorb all that is being taught.My methods and time frame may not appeal to all but I believe passionately that like all things we can all benefit with time to learn and have learnt that by not rushing my horses in their endeavours I am getting horses that are learning all the time,never having to be taught twice are level headed and have a great time at what they do.Again I Thank You and have also enjoyed your site many times and admired your horses.I wish you good luck in all your edeavours Regards MAQHS


2:06 PM on January 5, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEARS to Everyone. Thankyou for visiting my website, and for all the lovely comments. I have made quite a few changes already this year. Please dont forget to check out the horses Home Pages, they have been updated too. Feel Free to leave a comment and let me know what you think. Or sign up to the site, and I can let you know when there are updates. Best Of Luck with your ventures in 2010. Take Care ~ Stay Safe Regards Lisa ~ RHPPS


3:05 PM on January 4, 2010 by [email protected]

Keep up the great work on your site :)

Please visit my website :D


3:37 PM on December 6, 2009 by [email protected]

Enjoyed my visit, great mares, love to see some great colour working! May just have to call you about Dun Up In Western. Have a paint Hunch Bid mare ourselves but she's a lot older.... still gorgeous though! Will be back looking soon! Cheers Gail


1:49 AM on November 25, 2009 by [email protected]

Love your site. I have a had a couple of looks now and love coming back to see what's changed. See ya whan you come to pick up Belle. Cheers Jody


1:48 AM on November 25, 2009 by [email protected]

Love your site. I have a had a couple of looks now and love coming back to see what's changed. See ya whan you come to pick up Belle. Cheers Jody

Superior Sprint QH's

3:47 AM on October 4, 2009

Hi Lisa, love the site and the horses. Good luck with it all, talk to you soon Kind Regards David


8:12 AM on July 31, 2009

thanks for visiting our web we trotted over and had a look at your web site....lovely horses...great web site with fantastic pics. regards


8:02 PM on February 2, 2009

Great site, love your pali paint, have her half sister by Tribulation she was a stunner but we lost her to colic. Great site good luck !


11:55 PM on January 25, 2009

HI Lisa, Great website, you have a lovely bunch of mares , and i realy like your colt Pepe le. hope he produces great foals for you.. Cheers Kylie.


11:13 PM on December 30, 2008

Lovely horses! Impressive , well done Deb :)


3:28 AM on November 29, 2008

Hi you have some very good looking horses, would be interested in breed contract for Pepe Le if you could email it to me thanks? Andy


4:28 PM on November 2, 2008

Just love your site. There is so much to look at. I will have to check back regularly. Well done.



8:05 AM on October 28, 2008

Veeerry nice horses, love the website layout too, and by God those pups on the cattle dogs page are Gorgeous:D!!!! Keep up the great work. Sal


1:55 AM on October 23, 2008

Hi, your website is looking great! Very nicely put together, featuring some beautiful horses! Take care. Candice


7:39 AM on October 22, 2008

Thanks for signing my guestbook! I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit here. I will check back soon! All the best.... Dee-Ann


4:08 AM on October 21, 2008

Love your site nicely put together keep it up will visit again for sure


5:21 AM on October 19, 2008

Hi Loved your horses very impressive, enjoyed reading your site. Cheers Jo and Clive Coolebah Creek Quarter Horse and Quarter Pony Stud


2:32 AM on October 18, 2008

Loved my visit to your website! Very nice horses.


7:38 PM on October 13, 2008

Hi Lisa, love the look of your website, you're sure getting a fantastic herd of mares together. Lets hope no more messages of that er.... description are left on here. Take care, shall catch up again soon. Janet


11:29 PM on September 17, 2008

Whoever you are I won't tolerate your crap, least of all when your'e leaving it in my guestbook, so discontinue or there may be consequences!

weeded out

4:36 AM on September 9, 2008

so you know sue lever- ie- reveleus - does this mean you smoke dope too, cause i know 4 a fact she does.........................................................


12:40 AM on September 4, 2008

Hi love the sight & can only hope to own mares like yours one day! Will be back to keep up to date with what's happening... Gail


8:08 PM on August 31, 2008

Hi Lisa, Wow your band of mares is growing into a gorgeous bunch :D Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your awesome comments. I look forward to coming back again. Best of luck in the foaling season. Sue


6:34 AM on August 26, 2008

hey , love ya site , nice horses


10:08 PM on August 25, 2008

Hi Lisa, it was great to c u at pinto state this year hope next time that u come with horses in toe as well but good to c u :D Regards Christine

Cindy (Westernholly)

7:13 PM on August 25, 2008

Hello Lisa, thankyou for signing my guest book, i love all your horses, your freckles is a stunner, & i do have a soft spot for roans also. best of luck. cindy


1:54 AM on August 25, 2008

Hi Lisa, what a fantastic website. Your horses are a credit to you, love Dixie Chick, very cute little filly. Best of luck for the rest of 2008, shall be back again. Regards Alice


3:01 AM on August 21, 2008

Hi Lisa thanks for signing our guestbook:D Great site and gorgeous horses. We enjoyed our visit and will be back. Cheers Kyella Park


11:25 PM on August 20, 2008


11:24 PM on August 20, 2008

Have visited many times! Glad to see the site back up and running. Great new stuff too and love the reference stallions page! Your horses are looking well too! Will check back soon!


8:19 PM on August 19, 2008

Your site is fantastic! Can't wait to see the 'coming soon' photos on the mare page. You're breeding horses with some top quality bloodlines, WELL DONE!:lol: I'll definately be back to check out your site again!


11:15 PM on August 17, 2008

Will definately be checking back in, the site looks gr8!!


1:36 AM on May 16, 2008

hi. I came across this new australian stock horse forum and thought it was a great idea. However it has little members, so i have been advertising it and i thought you might like to check it out.


6:47 AM on May 13, 2008

Hi you have some fine looking horses maybe you will drop by my page some time i have a few horses i dont have a stud but i do breed little dogs i also have many other pets terry:)

lilleshall appys

4:58 PM on March 19, 2008

loved your site , thanks for signing my guestbook. you have some really nice horses. i will be back for up dates...


5:35 AM on March 19, 2008

haay love ya taffy ash thats 4 sale thanks 4 signing my guestbook did u like anything on my website it might be 4 sale

Glenona Paint Horse Stud

4:26 PM on March 18, 2008

Thanks for your comments in our guest book and for visiting our site. I really enjoyed looking at your site and you have some very nice horses. Good luck with your breeding program in 2008.

6:24 PM on March 15, 2008

nice site


6:57 AM on March 5, 2008

Awesome webiste, good job and good luck for whatever 2008 holds instore for you.


9:53 PM on March 1, 2008

hey nice site can u plz visit the nerd squad at


8:31 PM on February 4, 2008

Hi rhpps, i have really enjoyed my visit on ur site.. U have some really lovely horses and i love ur dogs also..good luck with the sale's of the horses.. Please feel free to visit my site


8:34 AM on January 17, 2008

Hi there, Just looked around your site. Loved all of your horses. Sorry to hear you lost one of your mares. Thanks for checking out my site and signing my book. Annette


5:25 AM on January 16, 2008

Hi, thank you for visiting my site. I have had a great time looking over yours. You have some great looking horses. I will visit again to keep in touch with your site. take care julie from palabuckachestnut stud.

Rockin J Performance Horses

6:52 PM on December 31, 2007

Lisa, Thank you for signing our guestbook and for the pics of Lois' Peppy from Heaven gelding. Can't wait to get him and start him. Justin and Peta


7:54 AM on December 29, 2007

Thanks for visiting our website! We seen some of your horses at Emerald Ag Sale- they were very well presented! Keep up the good work. Jason & Kristy.


7:44 AM on December 29, 2007

Love you site, great horses! Love Shameless!!

Wendy of Performance Park Arabians

4:50 PM on December 6, 2007

Enjoyed my visit to your site you have some loverly horses and dogs Good luck with your sales and watch out for the scammers please feel free to visit our site at


7:57 PM on November 26, 2007

Have signed your guestbook before - but love visiting your site and looking at your horses. Not to far down the road either so we may meet someday! Cheers and keep up the great work! Ingrid


4:40 PM on November 8, 2007

Hi, loved looking over your site, beautiful horses, i've just started getting into horses again after a 20yr break, my webby is Cheers!!


7:47 AM on October 9, 2007

hey, i love peppys request, very pretty! good site!!!! looks lovely


7:21 AM on October 9, 2007

I just wanted to let you know that I think your horses are gorgeous. I saw your ad on Petlink and thought I would check out what you have for sale. Unfortunately, my budget doesn't meet yours:(. I'll keep coming back to your site just to admire your beautiful horses. Keep up the good work!

Sophies Horse Services

2:56 AM on September 17, 2007

Took a good hour visiting your website. Really enjoyed all the lovely photos and looking at quailty horses. You can see a lot of love, time and effort go into all your animals :) Well done.


4:24 AM on September 10, 2007

thanks for signing my guestbook! Your horses are a credit to you! You have some real stunners!! Karen


7:23 AM on September 4, 2007

Hey there, you have stunning horses and wish you luck in your competitions next year. Have enquired about the palomino colt. Regards, Jess.


10:38 PM on August 29, 2007

Just thought I'd pop in and see what you have. Hope you are safe from the equine flu. Good to see you are refusing to move horses, I can't beleive the amount of people disregarding the movement ban. Take care.

Stevens Quarter Horses

8:40 AM on August 22, 2007

Very beautiful horses. Your web is easy to view. Best wishes, thanks for visiting us.


11:44 AM on August 17, 2007

Hi , you have some very nice horses and a very informative site . A job well done . Thanks for visiting my site .


6:58 AM on August 16, 2007

Ok i give up, I have officially flooded your guest book, I hope you and all your readers got a laugh at my exspense lol


6:58 AM on August 16, 2007

Its done it again to me


6:57 AM on August 16, 2007 Sorry wrong link lol, late at night, a glass to many, you know how it is:tongue:


6:56 AM on August 16, 2007 Thanks for checking out my site. I will check back later for more updates.


6:07 AM on August 14, 2007

Hi, thanks for visiting my website. Your horses are beautiful! I love your pally overo gelding he`s stunning.

Ngaire Poole

1:10 AM on June 28, 2007

Love your horses, I hope you are coping with the drought and you get some rain soon, I will be back when foaling is finished. take care,Please feel free to visit us on our website.


11:36 PM on June 23, 2007

Love your website and your horses! Have visited before and will visit again! Well done!


11:47 AM on May 22, 2007

As always, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your site. Hope your year is great and that you are getting some rain. Regards Sue


5:31 AM on April 22, 2007

Uave some lovely horses come and see mine at


4:00 AM on January 5, 2007

Hi Lisa, Just been browsing your site & what beautiful equines you have, congratulations! Best wishes with all showing, breeding etc. Hope 2007 is a very successful one for you. Thank you for the lovely halters, im very happy with them :o) Kind regards, Tammy @ YALLAWA APPALOOSAS Home of the sensational import THE TEST OF TIME (USA).


11:54 AM on December 31, 2006

color=blue says...


....:D Hope you didnt get too ill:puke:.AND I HOPE THAT 2007 IS A SAFE AND PROSPEROUS YEAR FOR YOU ALL, STAY SAFE..... Lisa RHPPS

Robyn Twaddle

5:21 PM on December 26, 2006

Hi Lisa, Congratulations on the arrival of your lovely little filly, she is beautiful! Love the new look of your website, very nice, job well done! Will be checking back for news on the other foals' arrivals! Take care. Regards always, Robyn Centennial Appaloosas North Queensland


7:54 AM on November 28, 2006

What a lovely site, and beautiful horses! Gifted Pep caught my eye, what a nice sort she is. Keep up the great work. regards Emma Zaida Park

10:38 AM on November 21, 2006

Very nice site, where are you located?

10:29 AM on November 20, 2006

very nice horses

Celi Dillon <[email protected]>

7:26 PM on November 7, 2006

Great site, look forward to being a regular visitor!!

Celi Dillon <[email protected]>

7:25 PM on November 7, 2006

Great site, look forward to being a regular visitor!!


3:45 AM on September 22, 2006

I love your site. I could stay here for hours :lol: Your horses are gorgeous and I'll have to break out the camera for your online paint show. What a great idea !!

Jacky <[email protected]>

11:31 PM on September 8, 2006

Hey loved your site, nice horses and you are getting them out there. Good Luck in the future cheers Jacky

gina <[email protected]>

9:41 PM on August 26, 2006

Is Daybreak for sale now???

Sharn <[email protected]>

3:03 PM on August 11, 2006

Hi. I always enjoy my visit to your site and will be checking back again soon. I think you have done a great job. Sharna Valex Stud

Lisa <[email protected]>

3:05 PM on July 17, 2006

Your site is fantastic, you have some lovely horses. I'd definately be keen on entering your online paint show. Lisa :D

Deneile <[email protected]>

6:04 PM on June 12, 2006

Hi! Love your site... Thanks for the great buy of my pony Gypsyna!:D

Rebecca <[email protected]>

12:53 AM on June 12, 2006

Hi there..what a lovely site, you've done a great job, well done! Are you doing Paint BREDS in your online show :huh: If so, will be there with bells on :D Best of luck with everything & keep up the great work. All the best, Rebecca Carinya Park

Annette <[email protected]>

10:00 PM on May 3, 2006

Hey loved your site, and loved your stallion. You have some really nice horses.

Vikki <[email protected]>

9:03 AM on February 16, 2006

Good site. "Dun Up In Western" is gorgeous. Great stallion too.

Vikki <[email protected]>

9:02 AM on February 16, 2006

Good site. "Dun Up In Western" is gorgeous. Great stallion too.

kerri <[email protected]>

5:11 PM on February 15, 2006

sorry wrong web address to useto typing au cheers kerri

Kerri <[email protected]>

4:58 PM on February 15, 2006

Love your foals and stallion. Very nice site:D:roll::) Cheers kerri


9:17 AM on February 14, 2006

Hey lisa Love the horses and the website, all the best with the stallion xxx


8:16 PM on February 12, 2006

Hi Love your stallion he's beautifull and your site is very well presented.

becca <[email protected]>

11:37 AM on January 31, 2006

hi; love your sit very nice foals

&#122;oe <hohn>

7:00 AM on January 29, 2006

hay very nice site good work

Kara <[email protected]>

2:34 PM on January 28, 2006

Hi Very nice site! Congrats on all the gourgeous horses you have bred and owned! Kara:D

sandra <[email protected]>

7:40 PM on January 27, 2006

loved your site and horse please visit mine at

tara <[email protected]>

12:16 AM on January 27, 2006

you have some wonderful bloodlines and beautiful horses.

Robyn Glumac <[email protected]>

9:36 AM on January 26, 2006

loved your horses. please contact me. interested. 26.1.06

Pam & Stephen Simpson <[email protected]>

9:28 PM on January 21, 2006

Hi Lisa, Just checked out your site and you have some excellent bloodlines and wonderful horses. All the best for the future breeding program and showing schedule. Hope to catch up with you somewhere. Keep up the good work. Pam

fiona <[email protected]>

9:27 AM on January 13, 2006

Love ur site and love what u do for ppl and horses! keep it up please visit my site!Currently under some construction

Margaret <[email protected]>

6:42 AM on January 13, 2006

Hi Lisa. Just popped in to have a look. Site is looking good and very informative. We will catch you around the show circuit I hope. Byes Margaret

Juli <[email protected]>

12:22 AM on January 13, 2006

Very nice stallion, and some very nice mares too. Good luck with your future breeding and all the best for the New Year.


11:12 AM on January 10, 2006

Martina B&#252;hler <[email protected]>

10:18 PM on January 9, 2006

Hello. Very nice Horses! I wish you all the best. Martina

Candice Deller <[email protected]>

4:15 PM on January 9, 2006

Hi, Thanks for coming and visiting our website! You've got some lovely horses, congrats.Good job on your website. Bye, Candice.

Dirleton Estate Paint Horses

2:21 PM on January 9, 2006

Hi, You have a lovely young stallion and very lucky getting so many tobiano fillies this season! Congratulations. Leanne.

Jane Kelly <[email protected]>

1:49 PM on January 9, 2006

Great website, will visit this often to see updates. Well done.:roll:

Kylie Rae <[email protected]>

1:15 PM on December 4, 2005

Hi, just poped in for a visit, thanks for visiting us, your site is great:D:wink::D


11:13 AM on November 30, 2005

Your site took way too long to load your photos, got very sick of waiting, you might want to make your photos smaller???

andrea hill <[email protected]>

6:28 PM on October 22, 2005

great site beautiful looking horses:)


6:10 PM on September 29, 2005

I do love the set up of your web site:D It took forever for your pics to load though. So much so that I pretty much didnt wait for a lot of them. I think if everyone does that, you'll miss a lot of advertising:unsure: Well done though. It's colourful and attractive.8)

Kelly <[email protected]>

7:08 AM on September 29, 2005

Hi, Thanks for visiting us, lovely site & very nice horses.

Phylis Brown <[email protected]>

7:15 PM on September 27, 2005

:roll:Your new foal has some interesting markings, his mother has ablsolutely BEAUTIFUL markings. If only we had more money and more land. Oh well, wishes and dreams cost nothing I suppose.

Valex Stud <[email protected]>

4:02 PM on September 14, 2005

Hi. Love your site, its looks great and your horses are all nice too. Valex Stud

Aunty B <[email protected]>

10:43 PM on September 11, 2005

Hi Lisa.Your site won me as soon as I saw the hot pink colour on the heading.Well done and best of luck with your stallion.Very nice.As the saying goes "if you want a life get a paint".

Margaret <[email protected]>

11:48 PM on September 6, 2005

Hi, I love your site.I also have a Just Shameless horse her name is Im Especially Shameless. Will be popping in to see your foals. Margaret

Amanda Park <[email protected]>

7:46 PM on September 2, 2005

Hey ya.. Your site is looking good.. I sure do love your stallion.. Keep up the good work & I will see you around the show circuit.. :D

Cassie Martell <[email protected]>

8:22 PM on August 31, 2005

Hi, I think your website is fantastic and would love mine to be half as good as yours!!! Your horses look fantastic.

Jane Kelly <[email protected]>

2:09 PM on August 31, 2005

:D This has been a pleasure to have been on such a great site. Well put together and colourful and user friendly. Well done RHPPS.

Emma <[email protected]>

1:04 AM on August 31, 2005

:D Well done.... Love the site.... I will have to pop back to see the babies i think ..... Let the lack of sleep begin!!!:tongue: